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How To Get Your Employer To Pay For a Sit Stand Desk

How To Get Your Employer To Pay For a Sit Stand Desk

Thousands of offices are converting their employee's workspace from a traditional sit-down desk setup to a modern and dynamic sit stand desk environment. Why?

There have been over a dozen studies showing the increasing risk of sitting for long periods of time at work. This is the most eye opening part!

The studies concluded that sitting 8 hours a day is equivalent to the risk of dying from obesity and even smoking.

If you want to improve metabilism, reduce stress and turn around your overall health, than a sit stand desk is for you. 

Company executives and human resources management have realized that the optimal health of their workforce have been shown to boost performance and productivity at work!

April 28, 2019
Sit Stand Desks and Your Health

Sit Stand Desks and Your Health

With modern technology transforming how we do things, our work—and our lives—are becoming increasingly sedentary. The problem is the human body is designed to move, just like we did for our entire existence, from early hunter-gatherer civilizations to the rise of agricultural and industrial societies. Without regular movement in our “jobs of daily living” (called occupations in the field of Occupational Therapy), the body languishes. Public health and medical research is starting to quantify the extent and nature of this problem, as some refer to as the sitting epidemic.
March 7, 2018
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