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How To Get Your Employer To Pay For a Sit Stand Desk

How To Get Your Employer To Pay For a Sit Stand Desk
By Hilawe Semunegus, Ph.D.
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How To Get Your Employer To Pay For a Sit Stand Desk

3 Easy Steps To Get Your Sit Stand Desk Paid For By Your Employer

Thousands of offices are converting their employee's workspace from a traditional sit-down desk setup to a modern and dynamic sit stand desk environment. Why?

There have been over a dozen studies showing the increasing risk of sitting for long periods of time at work. This is the most eye opening part!

The studies concluded that sitting 8 hours a day is equivalent to the risk of dying from obesity and even smoking.

If you want to improve metabilism, reduce stress and turn around your overall health, than a sit stand desk is for you. 

Company executives and human resources management have realized that the optimal health of their workforce have been shown to boost performance and productivity at work!

Is it time for you to join the movement?

We have three options for you to consider so you don't have to reach in your own pocket for a sit stand desk. Thank us later:

1. Start With Your Supervisor

To get a free sit stand desk, start with your manager. Make sure to provide the long list of benefits for the company.

In some cases an equipment or facility manager may have a process and policy for purchasing similar office supplies. Check into that as well.

Here are the top reasons your manager should get you a sit stand desk:

  • Sit stand desks from create an active work culture
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Decreases absenteeism
  • Reduces staff turnover
  • has a 45 Day Guarantee, No Hassle Return policy

Name me a manager that doesn't agree with this!

2. Check With Your HR Department

Your human resources (HR) department may already have a budget set for benefits such as sit stand desks. 

Use the same list as above to convince your HR department director on the benefits of alternating between sitting and standing at work!

There may be cases where a doctor determines that the pain or discomfort you're in can be relieved by a sit stand desk. All you'd need is a doctor's note and ask your HR to review your request. 

It turns out that a company with over 15 employees in the US are required to provide "reasonable accomodations" to employees with disabilities. 

3. Flexible Spending Acocunt (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA)

If you're unsuccessful in getting your employer to pay for a sit stand desk, then consider using your doctor's note to have it approved as an HSA or FSA eligible expense.

This will allow you to purchase a sit stand desk with a tax deduction (consult your accountant first). 

As excessive sitting can contribute to bad posture, back & neck pain, headaches and migraines, you can literally get a prescription for standing to relieve your symptoms!

Your health, quality of life and career are extremely important to you so don't let the money stop you from investing in yourself.

Go to and check out what we have to offer. 

Stand up for your health!

April 28, 2019
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