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My father was a boatbuilder and master craftsman and I learned much about building things solidly and beautifully from him. He wasn't much for marketing over substance when it came to furniture. I'll never forget witnessing a salesman's attempt to close my father on an old 'rustic' farm table in a Savannah antique store. Dad stooped to look underneath at the joinery. When he emerged from under the table with a frown the salesman's enthusiasm quickly waned. But just to be sure, and to offer some more objective test, he gave it a bump with his leg which caused it to rack. He turned to the salesman and said: "A sorry carpenter built this. I don't care what century it's from, I don't buy sorry carpentry." That and countless other lessons on craftsmanship led me to an obsession with quality construction.  

Then there's the ergonomic motivation. As a furniture dealer, I sold thousands of sit stand desks to business and government customers before I ever bought one for myself. It's embarrassing to admit, but after 4 or 5 years of poor working posture my wife, tired of my neck-pain complaints, suggested I actually buy one of the products I was selling as a retailer. So I purchased a sit stand desk and was truly amazed at how quickly better ergonomic posture yielded pain relief in my neck and back. And I'd always hated sitting still anyway, so standing and moving with my entire workspace elevated made me feel more energetic and productive. Most importantly, the lifestyle change was so easy to implement and, unlike other healthy habits I'd tried to adopt, I knew after a week the shift to sit-stand was permanent.

The only downside was that, despite its high price, my sit stand desk was noisy and made of flimsy parts. The desktop, where the user truly experiences the fit and finish of a sit stand desk, was cheap-looking and the edge was poorly-joined. The movement up and down was choppy and loud, reminiscent of a warehouse freight elevator. I wondered how the noise would be bearable in an office with twenty-five moving randomly throughout the day. Most annoying of all though was that when raised to full-height, the moment the desk was made for, the instability from my normal arm movements rendered it almost unusable. In the end, I fixed a bracket to the wall and just left it in the standing position--quite a waste of an electric motor. was born of these two pain points. One physical pain from working without a sit stand desk, the other emotional pain from not having gotten a good value for my dollar. I just knew the right team could do better. We started with a small line of desks marketed to business and government customers and quickly grew to a complete line with more options and better value than the competition. We're excited now to be making our products available to individual users and small businesses directly.

We support American manufacturing where it makes sense (almost all of our products feature a top or frame Made in the USA), but our first commit is to helping people stand more at work and that includes affordability, so we offer imported SitStandDesks of outstanding quality. Whether in the Asheville mountains, or outside Shanghai, we personally vet and monitor our manufacturing processes for excellence in manufacturing precision, environmental stewardship and worker safety. 

SitStandDesk is a smaller company by design. The giants cover all types of furniture whereas we maintain a singular focus: Sit Stand Desks. We're proud to deliver a better desk for half the cost of the traditional dealer-based brands. And since we're not an industry-giant, we spend every day thinking about you, the customer.

It’s our life’s work to bring you beautiful, solid, long-lasting SitStandDesks. Oh, and we're happy to report that all of our sit stand desks pass the dad test -- give them a good bump with your leg and you'll see they're nice and sturdy!

Thank you,

Scott Fowler

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